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Ninja Academy of Fine Arts
United States
Current Residence: Ninja Academy of Fine Arts
Favourite genre of music: Naruto music.
Hello and Welcome to the first CLUB dedicated to Ninja art ^__^ This is the Ninja Academy of Fine Arts or NAFA for short. This club goes by Ninja status, the more contests you win, the higher ninja you become.

The guidelines for moving up in status as a ninja goes as follows:

Becoming an academy student is easy all you have to do is send a note with the word JOIN on it. IF you dont put the specific word JOIN you will be ignored. Think of it as your first test...

To become a Genin you must win one mission aka Contest on our site or come in 2nd or 3rd in a contest. Once this happens you will be put into yoru team.

To become a Chuunin on our site you must win 2 contests.

anyone who becomes a chuunin will be automatically eligable to become a jounin. there are two ways to become a jounin.

1:there will be a side contest between all chuunin with the winner becoming a jounin.
once two more chuunin are determined or after three months, another contest will happen where another jounin is picked. if a contest is extremely close say within a few votes of each other, we might pick out two jounin in that contest.
2:win 4 contests.


1.)Send a note :emailsend: marked "JOIN" to be a member. if it says anything else it will be ignored.

2.) Once you are a member we would like it if you put our icon in your Journal. (optional)

3.) You have to like NARUTO!!!

4.) No</u> Yaoi/Yuri stuff and NO shonen-ai/shoujo-ai, again this is an Academy we wont allow it.

5.) When you submit art for contest we would like you to send us a note marked "CONTEST ART"

6.) When you do submit art please send it to us in a note as a LINK. :emailsend:

7.) And finally only one person may submit one contest entry a month.

:target:HOW TO WIN A CONTEST: :target:

1.) The more comments you get. The more chances you have to win.

2.) After the ending date for the contest is over. We will go around in notes and ask you members to vote for your favorite picture. The only rule is you cant vote for yourself!

:star::star::star:FOUNDER: KAZEKAGE :icontoki-chinko:

:star::star::star:HOKAGE: :icondemoneyes14: (boss incharge : P )

:star::star: JOUNINS:…

:star: CHUUNINS:…

:star-half: GENINS:…

:star-empty: ACADEMY STUDENTS & TEAMS!:…


(count them if you want.)


:below::below:NAFA UPDATES AND NEWS: :below::below:

Hey everyone! Long time no see!

NEW CONTEST: The ninja's strangest holiday tradition!

Due: Jan 25th.  Please submit artwork in notes as stated above.

New NEWS: There are going to be tryouts for the new Admin on this club, so if you would like to submit a try out. Please send it in a note marked: ADMIN TRYOUT.

Please put a well written statement on why you would like to be admin, why you think following the pre set rules are important, and what would make you the best admin for this club.

Good luck and have fun guys!

:above: :above:

:new::new::new:CONTEST WINNERS CIRCLE</u>:new::new::new:

Congrats to :icondaxyliora: for WINNING! with her Sasuke picture! Well done! The prize will be a dress-up game with the character of your choice!

Second place is... a tie! -gasp- This places is shared by :icondivine-nataku: with her kunoichi band as well as :iconchainsaw19000: for the teen titans cosplay!! Congrats to you both!
The winners will proceed to the rank of Genin, but never fear! There's always the next contest, which shall start very soon!

Everyone else... well... tied >>; so we'll stick with First and Second for now. Thanks to all who participated!

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